Well for a start what a fantastic article by @ModernGK on Goalkeeper Competency.

If you have not have a read please check this out here

Now you have had a chance to look at the article I think you will apprachate the work that has been put into this article. For the most of the article I agree but there are also some points which I have said I disagree with.

So as Goalkeeping coaches lets dive in and get talking.

The article focuses on Elite Male Goalkeepers. The first section focuses on Preparing for the ball. Overall I agree with the outcomes on the document but I have a few areas I disagree with.

Set Position – This is bang on and is a must for every Goalkeeper. This is something which must be a minimum requirement for any Goalkeeper.

Shot Stopping Positioning – I agree this will be developing over the course of a Goalkeeper playing experiences. But with the change in rules and pitch sizes in the UK I feel that this is still being developed and will not be up to scratch until the Goalkeepers are approaching 13-14 years of age.

I agree with every other aspect which has been mention above.

Moving to the ball

High Ball Near Post – I feel this should be complete 90% of the time by the age of 11. Footwork will still need improving and speeding up as will game understanding and anticipation but I feel that at 11 Goalkeepers should be able to adjust and get across and deal with this save.

High Ball Far Post – I think Goalkeepers should be able to deal with this at a slightly earlier stage than on the document. This is all dependent on training time and contact time with the Goalkeeper coaches. But for an elite level this should be covered regular and Goalkeepers should be able to execute a save. Weather this is a catch, deflect and a push into a save area.

I agree with the rest of the content.

Dealing With The Ball

At 10 I would expect Goalkeepers of an elite level to be able to catch the ball using the W technique 9 out of 10 times. I would also like to see the Goalkeepers executing the front scoop at 10 years old. This is a vital save. Everything else in this section is spot on.


Agree 100% with everything that has been written.


Often a side of the game which I feel can be improved by making tiny changes to make a massive difference.

I agree with this section completely. I would like Goalkeepers to be able to recover from Errors slightly earlier in age but this is very difficult to do with the result often meaning a goal down.

I would love to hear your views on the original article and on my thoughts. Speak soon Greeney