Reactions by @NChammer1980

They don’t happen as often in a game as some people would have you believe but you certainly need to be ready for a reaction save when it comes. A lot of the work in making the save comes in the preparation. As a goalkeeper, you need to be ready for anything at any time. Concentration and focus on the game is key to preparing your mind and body for a reaction save. But that isn’t all you need. You need to move quickly to make the save. This drill helps you with that:

Which Cone?

These next 2 drills help to train your mind on what it actually sees and not what it thinks it does. It is key that the goalkeeper reacts to the different situations quickly and deals with them by using the appropriate save. The sooner you can move to the progressions, the more the drills will benefit your goalkeeper.

Wall Pass Reaction

Pass and ReactSettings