The 2015 National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention takes place in Philadelphia, PA beginning Wednesday, January 14th. The five day convention brings together coaches from around the world with yearly attendance averaging 10,000 registrants. There is something for everyone from the fan (both the MLS and NWSL drafts are held at the convention) to the seasoned coach (trainings and lectures from elite clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester United). This year names such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Pele and Paul Breitner will be attending.

The convention also provides many educational opportunities, from lectures and symposiums to coaching education diplomas. One such diploma being offered this year is a special topics diploma covering Training the Goalkeeper. This diploma focuses on giving coaches the latest ideas and methods of training the goalkeeper position. To receive the diploma, participants must attend a minimum of six identified sessions and complete the validation process. I plan on completing the diploma’s requirements while I am in Philadelphia and hope to share my experience over the next several weeks through postings on this website. There are also many other sessions occurring throughout the week both goalkeeper specific and not and I also plan on sharing some of those as well.

Below is a listing of the sessions that fall under the Training the Goalkeeper Diploma. Although I will not be attending all the sessions, I do look forward to the experience.

If you want to follow the goings on at the convention, I will be tweeting throughout the convention on @goaliecoach00. I have also created a list of coaches who I know are attending the convention. That can also be found on my twitter account under my lists entitled “NSCAAPhilly 2015.” You can also follow the hashtag #NSCAAPhilly for even more information about the convention. Last year, the convention really took off in the twitterverse and I expect even more coaches will be sharing their experiences. So until I return, I hope you have a great week ahead and if you are attending the convention, get into touch and perhaps we can meet up!

“Possession Out of the Back, Utilizing the Goalkeeper”
Tony DiCicco, Director, Founder, NSCAA Goalkeeping Academy, Soccer Plus
Shawn Mecchi, NSCAA National Goalkeeping Staff Coach, Manager of Operations, SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School

“Review of World Cup Goalkeepers”
Jason Grubb, Goalkeeper Coach, Quinnipiac University Men’s Soccer

“Defending At Corner Kicks”, Presented by the Black Soccer Coaches Committee
Lincoln Phillips, Goalkeeper Coach, Trinidad & Tobago Senior Women’s World Cup Team

“Goalkeeper Positioning to Save Shots”
Jill Loyden, Goalkeeper, Sky Blue FC & Former USWNT

“Developing Cognitive Awareness in Goalkeepers”
Kevin Hartman, Technical Director/Director of Goalkeeping, IMG Academy

“Goalkeepers: Appropriate Training Priorities based on Age and Ability”
Lisa Cole, Technical Director, Centre Soccer Association
Tim Wassell, Assistant Coach, Penn State Women’s Soccer

“Functional Training of the 3 Goal Situation”
John Pascarella, Assistant Coach, Sporting Kansas City

“Mental Skills for Advanced and Elite Goalkeepers”
Dr. Bill Steffen, Chairman, United States Sports Academy’s Department of Coaching

“How to Deal Effectively with Various Break Away (1v1) Situations”, Presented by the Black Soccer Coaches Committee
Lincoln Phillips, Goalkeeper Coach, Trinidad & Tobago Senior Women’s World Cup Team