Great Question fromĀ @finbofinbo

Q: We’ve rota for our under 7s to go in goal. Would like to find new player as a dedicated keeper, but is u7s too early?

First of all I think that Goalkeeper Rotation at Under 7’s is a fantastic idea.

This will give the children an experience both in Goal and Outfield, which can help develop a broad range of key footballing skills.

Is under 7’s too early for a dedicated Goalkeeper?

For me if the Player wishes to only becomes a Goalkeeper and play nowhere else other than as a Goalkeeper then why not?

Allow the player to specialize in a position where others are reluctant to play is not a bad thing.

If correct training is given then the Goalkeeper can look to go on play at the highest level but equally they may not develop to the highest standard and end up playing local football. Every footballer will find their level over time.

If you do decide to have a dedicated Goalkeeper try to include them in the outfield players training working on ball control, drilling and passing as these skills are now vital in the role of a Goalkeeper. A Goalkeeper is just an outfield player who can us their hands.

In short answer to your question no under 7’s isn’t too young to have a dedicated Goalkeeper but do not neglect their footballing skills.

It would be interesting to know yours and others thoughts who read this blog.

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