Crossing Session for 13+

Session provided by @Greeney1987

Outcomes – To improve cross taking ability, Communication and distribution.

Crossing is a vital part of Goalkeeping. In order to gain this skill we need to recreate as game realistic as possible. The session designed below is for the age group of 13+. At this age the young Goalkeeper will have mastered the ability of reading and catching a cross in a small area. If your Goalkeeper has not mastered this skill do not progress until they have. It is very important to master the basics before progressing.

Basics of Crossing

1. Start Position
2. Set Position
3. Assessing the flight of the ball. (You need to know where it’s going before you move)
4. Attacking the ball. Be as direct as possible. Catch at the Goalkeepers highest point.
5. Soft hands when catching the ball. Keep eye fixed on the ball. Use of leg to get height and protection.
6. Recover save if the ball is dropped or miss read.
7. Recovery line if the ball cannot be caught or attached.

This session is working on the Goalkeepers ability to catch the ball. This can be used to keep the ball and start an attack. Other sessions can be used for working on punching the ball clear.