Shaun Green GK Coach
Shaun Green GK Coach
Name: Shaun Green
Current Position: Nottingham Forest Ladies Goalkeeper Coach and Sells Goalkeeping Academy Goalkeeping Coach.
Years Coaching Goalkeepers: 
11 Years
What is your background? 
It all started when a Goalkeeper coach who was coaching me every now and again asked if I could help warm his Goalkeeper up on match day because he had the rest of the Team to deal with.
Well once we mastered the match day warm up it all progressed from there leading onto taking Goalkeeper coaching sessions as well as match day warmups.
What got you into coaching? The team manager from above – Brian Kemp
What is your coaching philosophy? To Keeping improving and Developing. This can be both on and off the pitch. Both Goalkeepers and myself as a Goalkeeper Coach.
Who has been a mentor to your through your coaching career?  Is there a coach who impacted you to get into coaching?
 I have not had a mentor.
Do you feel that the role and importance of a goalkeeper coach has been fully realized in the coaching community? 
I feel that it is starting to get there but I also feel we are still along way from where we need to be. In an ideal world Goalkeeper coaching should be on offer to any child that takes and interest in Goalkeeping from and young age. Not many clubs have the facilities or coaches available to make this happening but this is slowly progressing to benefit the Goalkeeper community.
Looking back, how have you seen your coaching develop from when you first started to now? 
At first it was all self discovery using sessions and warm up that I had taken part in. But then I started to look into Goalkeeper coaching resources such as books because youtube wasn’t as popular back then I purchased a few dvds.
The Goalkeeper sessions were put on but I would always try and think of little tweaks to add to make it a little progressive and less repetitive.
How do you design your training sessions? 
I like to put my training sessions down on a piece of paper I write down the topic I want to cover and then come up with a few ideas before choosing what I want to included in the training session. Then work on the structure of the session including timings.
How do you motivate your keepers behind your first string to ensure competition for the position? 
This is such a difficult area and it is an area in which i have had little to do. The sides which I have spent coaching in womens football have both had first and reserve teams. So it make this less difficult to deal with. We have also been able to loan our Goalkeepers out so that they can play competitive football at a high standard but also benefit from training with myself and the other Goalkeepers in order to maintain there development.
What is your ultimate coaching goal? 
1. To coach a Goalkeeper from Grassroots and give them maximum opportunity to progress within the pro game.
2. To become a full-time Goalkeeper Coach
3.Coach at international level
Any advice for young goalkeeper coaches just entering their careers? 
Try to have fun but learn as much as possible from your Goalkeeper and outfield coaches. Learn to always be in control for example if you make a mistake refresh ad start again without screaming at team mates or the manger.
If you weren’t a goalkeeper coach, what do you think you would be? I have no idea it would probably be something computer maybe a website designer.