South Korea Goalkeeper

1st choice

Jung Sung-Ryong
29 years old
59 Caps
Current Club: Suwon Bluewings (K League)
Right handed
Right Footed

Interesting Fact: On 27 July 2008, he recorded a 85m field goal in the U-23 friendly match against Côte d’Ivoire, setting a Guinness Record, which was not broken until the Everton keeper Tim Howard scored a 93m goal in 2012.

Strengths: Excellent Distribution, shot stopping, Collecting crosses.

Weaknesses: Concentration, always looks to use right hand, rarely looks to catch the ball. Communication – does not talk to his defenders. Rushing out.

Style of play: Always looks to save anything low with his legs, prefers to parry balls instead of catching them. He is always rush out to collect crosses. Very good shot stopper.

2nd choice

Kim Seung-Gyu
23 years old
5 Caps
Current Club: Ulsan (K League)
Right handed
Right Footed

Strengths: Reactions, Diving, Positioning

Weaknesses: Distribution, Handling

Style of play: Very good at low diving saves, always in the correct position.

3rd choice

Kim Jin-Hyeon
26 years old
1 Cap
Current Club: Cerezo Osaka (K League)
Right handed
Right Footed

Strengths: Reactions, Distribution, Communication

Weaknesses: Coming for crosses, one on ones.

Style of play: Always looks to stay as close to his line as possible.

This World Cup profile was made by Jason Peters Twitter @j190687p

Jason is an English Coach who currently resides in Cincinnati OH. Jason Moved here from Birmingham England to be a Regional Director for Challenger Teamwear.
Jason currently holds the UEFA C License, UEFA C Goalkeeping License and the NSCAA National Diploma. Jason also holds a degree in Football Studies with Business.
Jason has been coaching since 2003 where he coached at Birmingham City FC. He has also coached at Southampton FC, Kings Hammer FC and McNicholas High School.