Hi Everyone,

I hope you have found the World Cup goalkeeper profiles reviewed by coaches around the world useful in our run up to the World Cup. It has been a great opportunity to get more coaches involved with the site and we are appreciative in their involvement to make the profiles a success.

With just a few days before the World Cup starts, we will begin to profile the goalkeeper coaches who will be assisting the goalkeepers in Brazil. They will be posted by World Cup Group.

It has been a bit of a challenge trying to locate accurate and complete information about the goalkeeper coaches since most information currently out in the press details the goalkeepers and head coaches but we are starting to make progress. Some of the profiles will be incomplete to start but will be updated them throughout the cup.

If you have information about a particular country’s goalkeeper coach and would like to share it, please send me a tweet @goaliecoach or email our websites founder, shaun@completekeeper.co.uk.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the future information we are working to bring you.

Rob Parker