My name is Mykee Jenkins I am 16 years old I was born on 24/05/96, I am currently the Goalkeeper Coach at Newport County 18’s and the development centre at the squad, I also coach the Goalkeepers for the Welsh National Homeless team, I hold these two roles voluntary except the development centre at Newport County.

I started all of this out on Wednesday 16th March 2010 at a local community session with a company called positive futures they go to communitys and deliver sport sessions, I got really keen for it and then started doing it for a number of different sports, as I had acumilated 25 hours a week I had picked up awards such as Ringland Community Volunteer of the year, along with Newport volunteer of the year, themn as I carryed on volunteering I found myself completing 150+ voluntary hours in 3 months I had one higher standard awards such as a ”Local Hero” award, I had also had some down times to my volunteering career if you like were I was asked to go to a street games awards evening in stratford, expecting to win 2-3 awards including the UK volunteer of the year and not picking up a single award, to this day I have been volunteering for 2 years 8 months and I am coming up to my 1000 voluntary hour.

During my time as I was starting out at Newport county and still volunteering I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet David Cameron at 10 Downing Street on 28th march 2011 were I spoke to David Cameron he said what I was doing was ”phenominal” and that me and the other volunteers are a ”great asset to our communities” It was an experience of a lifetime to actually go inside 10 Downing Street, I had a lot of publicitiy from the loacal newspaper and school

I have also met Sir Chris Hoy, also Chris Coleman who I am in contact with

I started football coaching at Spencer boys U16 a local district team were I coached the Goalkeepers, I stayed at the club for the whole season, after one season coaching at Newport District with the Goalkeeper, I got a voluntary role at Cwmbran Town U16 who play in the regional leagues playing againt better standard of players, at my time at Cwmbran Town I felt I had learned how to deal with players who werent winning every week and how to keep them engaged and wanting to train every week, suddenly on the week of the seaason the squad folded, so I was searching for a team, After 2 weeks I had a mentor meeting with Ben Adams then at YMCA he asked me to coach there Goalkeepers from 12-16 age group so I did that for a season, with my time at Newport YMCA I learnt how to plan a session using 5-6 goalkeepers and getting the most out of each of them, as it was coming to the end of the 2011-12 season it was the 2nd team I had been at were the club folded so yet again for the second time in 1 season. During the Christmas Period I had booked on both of my FAW/UEFA ‘C’ Ceriticate in Goalkeeping and Outfield coaching I started in July of 2012, as I was booked on the courses without a club, I had a vague idea of were I was going to coach at Newport County Development Centre and 18s, I just had to confirm it with the Academy director Glyn Jones, I knew I was going to 6th form with the 18s to coach at the club after I had spoken to him which was a relief as then I had a club to practise my drills and information I had gained from the courses.

As I am still volunteering I went to the a refugee tournament to referee, after this I had an offer to be the Goalkeeper coach for the Welsh National Homeless & Refugee squad, the company who runs the team is calles Street Football Wales, So I met the director of the course Keri Harris and the manager Paul Scarfi, along with the assistant manager Chris Stockwell, all these people have helped me, I coached the Goalkeeper to build up to the Homeless World Cup 2012 in Mexico City, but it is exciting times ahead for the charitable company as they are looking to take a first ever female team to the next world cup, next year in Poland, hopefully I am on that trip!. I really enjoy coaching the Goalkeepers for this squad as it is a different aspect of football and I learn from it as it is changing peoples live as they go and come back from the world cup.

I started to coach my school year 9 team to practise some outfield coaching so I could put in to the sessions what I have learnt on the course.

At this current time I have work with Newport County, the Football Association of Wales, I also run a session on a voluntary basis working with young carers as it is a different situation I could learn to deal with, so I can speak to the children and they gain respect for me, I am waiting for my final assesment day on Jan 27th for the UEFA ‘C’ Certificate Coaching Goalkeepers then I will look to book the UEFA ‘B’ License coaching Goalkeeper next year to gain more knowledge and experience, I finish my UEFA ‘C’ Certificate in outfield coaching in April 2013 so I still am learning alot from that course.

From were I am today I would like to say a special thanks to the following

Positive Futures – Lucy Powell, Declan Flanagan, Gary Colborne, David Lewis, Ben Adams, Asa Waite and the Sports Forum.

Newport Sport & Development Department – Richard Dale, Ian Griffiths, Leigh Williams and Peter Orford

Newport County – Glyn Jones, Dan Elliot, Steve Davies, Ryan Mackerness

Street Football Wales – Keri Harris, Paul Scarfi, Chris Stockwell, Rosa Harris.

Street Games – Paul Roberts, Steve Welsher.