Goalkeepers Mindset post by @stuarthow

Stuart How is an NLP Practitioner working with athletes to help on their mindset.
I am 29 years old and aiming to be a mental skills coach for the 2020 Olympics.

Mindset – I believe Mindset in sport is very important and especially for Goalkeepers.

Any other player on the pitch, if you make a mistake there will be someone to cover you or someone else to blame.

As a Goalkeeper if he/she makes a mistake they are on there own and its a goal and the whole team the fans are against you. Does this sound and feel familiar?

I work with many goalkeepers including a Goalkeeper in the Blue Square Premier.

So how do I help? I am a mental skills coach and most of my clients are Goalkeepers and thats because they take the blame for a lot of things and I believe they are the easy target to blame.

Well it can stop right now. A great Goalkeeper needs to not only be physically strong at the Goalkeeper position but also mentally strong. A lot of Goalkeepers will say to me “i cant be confident” I like to disagree – Think of a time you were last really confident, really re-live that moment and remember how you felt – as you are reading this you are feeling more confident and maybe even smiling. So you can be confident 100% of the time. I can ‘anchor’ it so you are in optimum state of mind.

If you also pretend you are your favourite Goalkeeper then you will start thinking like him/her. How does your favourite keeper act? Is he confident? Is he relaxed? Is he ready for a great game? Now your thinking like a pro!

How does your favourite Goalkeeper stand ? Is he standing tall and chest out and shoulders back? If you stand and act like your favourite keeper then you will forget you are you which will reduce nerves and fear.

Music is important for mindset. What song makes you feel good and confident? Put that song on your playlist before a game. (Have as many songs as you want and make sure they are making you feel great).

Confidence is everything and with me you can be confident every game

Happy Clean sheets

Stuart How S.A.C. Dip (Sports Psychology) and NLP Practitioner

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