Name: Darren Hadlum
Current Position: GK Coach at Chatham Town U18s and U21s
Years Coaching Goalkeepers: 3 years

What is your background? Only really played local amateur level for local teams. Always played in goal whichever side I played for.

What got you into coaching? I couldnt keep playing due to a metertarsal injury so started helping my friends out. Then realised that most teams seem to not have a GK coach to help develop keepers. So I wanted to start being able to develop goalkeepers that could progress onto the next level if they wished.

What is your coaching philosophy? I dont really have a philosophy but I encourage all the keepers I work with to enjoy all training and game time. Also just work hard and have the right attitude.

Who has been a mentor to you through your coaching career? It has to be Alan Walker at Kent FA who gave me all the tools I needed to persue my badges.

Is there a coach who impacted you to get into coaching? Jose Mourinho just because of how he can get the best out of a player.

Do you feel that the role and importance of a goalkeeper coach has been fully realized in the coaching
community? Its getting better but I feel it is very overlooked still. Alot of teams still dont see the need to have one and how a GK coach could benefit not only the GK but the team.

Looking back, how have you seen your coaching develop from when you first started to now? Yes definitely I have got alot more confident and also able to assess weaknesses and areas of improvements better.

How do you design your training sessions? I use pen and paper but will be using computer templates soon. I design them using drills I know but also draw up ideas I think could work.

How do you motivate your keepers behind your first string to ensure competition for the position? Im quite lucky that one is sub for first team already. I still keep him working hard and trying to improve so that he can perform well when he gets the chance.

What is your ultimate coaching goal? I would like to be able to coach gks for a living at a fairly high level. But also to have a GK I worked with make it all the way to maybe premier league.

Any advice for young goalkeeper coaches just entering their careers? Just stick at it and enjoy the journey.

If you weren’t a goalkeeper coach, what do you think you would be? I would probably be working in a shop somewhere.

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