Goalkeeper Powerband Training Videos Brought to you by Sean Faulkner

The purpose of this short video is to

  • Improve speed and acceleration.
  • Improve footwork and develop a quick first step.
  • Build specific soccer strength and explosiveness.
  • Improve leg strength, hip strength, and balance for more powerful kicks.
  • Improve flexibility and joint range of motion.
  • Dynamic warm-ups.
  • Speed up the learning process in technical skill development.
  • High intensity interval training to improve explosive speed.
  • Improve endurance to help outrun opponents and to maintain condition.


Sean Faulkner and his team will be sharing a lot of valuable soccer training information via our blogs. His team will keep us on the forefront of one of the hottest new trends in soccer training which emphasizes band training to overload integrated functional soccer movements. This overloading technique produces faster gains in stability, power and explosive movements.

Sean says, “Incorporating elastic resistance is 100% totally transferable to the soccer pitch. Look at it this way, instead of training and strengthening certain muscle groups in isolation as with weights and gym pieces, resistance bands give the advantage of specifically overloading the muscle groups. Therefore, sports specific strengthening occurs.”

He also notes that, “Recreating soccer specific movements with the bands attached to the players introduces both physical and technical challenges at different loads and higher speeds. Basically you are training functional patterns in terms of strength and technique at the same time and in a shorter period of time. It totally reflects and transfers to the pitch.” FAULKNER! Sean is one of the world’s leading experts inresistance band training for soccer and has developed over 200 band training drills that he performs using SuperFlex bands.

More information on Sean on his website